A free webinar for teachers, SNAs and pre-school teachers.

Thursday the 10th of September at 7pm (Zoom Webinar)

Attending pre-school or school can be an overwhelming experience for many children with autism, particularly if the right supports are not in place. Autistic children learn and experience the world differently from their peers, and adaptations in the classroom are often necessary.

Having worked with many children with autism, and being a mum of an autistic boy, I have seen several common supports that are beneficial for these students.

I often think, if these children could communicate fluently, they would tell us about six things they wish everyone knew about them so that they could experience less frustration and more inclusion in the classroom.

As teachers and educators, we cannot let them down. It's our job to understand what makes our students connect with us and blossom.

Join me for this FREE webinar to learn about six things your students with autism wish you knew about them.

This webinar is suitable for primary school teachers and SNAs, early intervention teachers, and pre-school teachers and support staff.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How children with autism experience the world and communicate, and how this might differ from peers of the same age.
  • Six things your students with special needs wish you knew about them, and why it's so crucial that you do.
  • Practical strategies on how to adapt your classroom, so your students learn, participate and blossom.
Certificate of attendance provided for CPD records.


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